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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Years Eve Party

You are giving a try at your very own New Years Eve Party surrounded by great food, family and friends. Get your party hats noise makers and some great music and you are in business. A lot of the food can be catered; everyone has party trays this time of year. Boston Market and Honey Baked are a couple of my favorites. If you are especially particular it is simple to do a lot of the preparation yourself. But whatever your decision just have a great time.

When you do your table set up for your food you can place large objects under your table clothe to give your food that personality of looking special. Be sure to use a Christmas centerpiece and Christmas greenery to give your table that holiday look. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Costume Party for Children

Have a kid style banquet for Halloween, hot dogs, chicken fingers or tuna sandwiches piled on a plate, kids don’t really care they just want to have fun. All of these foods are quick and takes very little effort.

Halloween Party Fun

Would you like to trick or treat with your kids? Give a Halloween Party and invite the parents for coffee and cake. Dress casual, sit around and catch up on local happenings while you keep watch on the little trick or treaters. This kids Halloween party need not be a long one and can start very early. This will give everyone a chance to get home and relax.

Use paper for everything. When you are done just gather the debris up and throw it away. There is no need for a large gathering unless you really feel up to it. Seeing a few friends and letting the kids have a little fun is such a nice way to spend a Halloween evening.

Monday, September 29, 2008


It is almost the day for Halloween Trick or Treat. What to do for the little fun lovers. If you have the stamina a Halloween costume party would be fun and much safer than the usual door to door. Using a lot of recycled paper products would help the environment and save you a great deal of work. You will be able to limit the party to a set time, and you won’t need to worry about the treats the kids are getting.

Remember to focus on a particular idea for your Halloween party decorations, pumpkin patch, goblins, you get my meaning this will make it easier to decorate and prepare treats. What ever you decide to do the kids will love. HAlloween cup cakes are always a favorite, but you might want to ease in something healthy. Have A Safe Halloween.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holiday Party Preparation

There are so many reasons to have a Holiday party during the winter season,  football games, soccer, costume and Christmas parties, Birthdays and Anniversary parties. This is a reason to have your holiday planning skills ready. You can be as creative as you like with creative food and delicious recipes.

Decorating with a theme for your party always makes it more fun and festive. It gives you a direction to take your decorating and food preparation. The next thing you want to do is to start out with a budget for your holiday party. It is very easy to do the non-stop spending. Give yourself a price range for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any type of party.You don’t want everyone to enjoy your party but you. Agonizing over the cost of a party is not the goal.

Decide if you want to have your food catered or if you would rather prepare it yourself. If you should decided to go it alone there are a number of foods that can be prepped. This will make your work load a lot easier. Pizza is always an easy out for a simple get together but can become expensive for large scale parties. But if time is a problem, pre-made deli trays and Pizza is your best out.

A holiday party with trays of turkey or ham rolls, crackers , assorted cheeses, and, vegetable are all dishes that take very little time and effort and can be fun to make. Simply find you a several large trays and go to work on your holiday party preparation. Christmas and New Year celebrations are a little more formal so if you are not a wizard of a cook you probably want to use a Cater for large parties. When you are having a less formal gathering finger food works just fine.

Cold weather seems to make everything come closer together; maybe it is the same for people. Planning a holiday party or helping out a friend with their party, sounds like a great excuse to spend time with people you care about or simply a way to make new friends.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Formal glass settings

Wine glasses are an important part of your table setting. Place them on the table in triangular

position. The Water glass is in front of the plate or desert fork, Now you form the triangle of wine glasses; Red Wine Glass, White Wine Glass, Desert Wine Glass. For less formal occasions, for toast, the

order of glasses can be wine, water, tea. Place these glasses in a stair position, or tier. CHEERS.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Details Make All the Difference

It is the day before your banquet. You have your organized list. Of course all of the preparations have been made. I hope you are not waiting until the last minute to get your silverware, and glasses ready. These things should be standing by and ready to go. Sugar caddy's, salt and pepper shakers, candles and globes. Unless your patron has decided to do their own decor candles are usually appreciated. Your table clothes and napkins are nicely done and ready for action. Oh, by the way if you are folding your napkins make sure you have a box of them pre-folded it will save you so much time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Banquet That Sparkles

So you want a banquet setting that out shines all the rest. In order to get this effect you only need to give a little time to a couple of details. Take the time to polish your silverware and polish your glasses. These items may look just fine but after you have taken the time to polish them up a little, the results will be extremely pleasant. Polishing your glasses and silverware will only take a little extra time, but the effort will be well worth the time spent.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Your Banquet

Good company and pleasant surroundings are always a key ingredient for the planning of a great get together. Spend time with your friends. Go ahead and set your date.Plan Your Own Banquet.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fourth of July

It is the big BBQ time. Big and small grills lots of lemonade, iced tea, etc. Paper,paper,paper. Very little clean up. The cook and or host wants to enjoy the festivities as well. Paper tablecloths are great. Roll them up place them in the trash and the clean up is pretty much done. 

Develop a theme for your celebration and work your dinner around it. You can do some open grill cooking but preparing some items ahead of time will give you a lot more time to relax and enjoy the festivities. Cooking enough for a couple of days extends the holiday feeling somewhat and allows that extra time just to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Visit your nearest home supply store and get a nice grill to cook out on. Guys love to barbecue so let him show off his skill. The kitchen is neat but the using an outdoor grille for a Fouth of July cookout is so much fun. Practically anything you might fix in an oven is possible on the grill with the use of some cool utensils or som aluminum foils made especially for outdoor foods. 

Grill cookout can be preplanned and the food is setup in advance. Everything used is almost throw away. Place the trash container in a convenient spot set up the table, the cooler filled with beverages and have a nice cookout. Even the cook gets to enjoy. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Your Banquet

Get your glasses and silverware together and get ready for a lovely banquet. Whether you are having a formal dinner or a backyard BBQ you can hold your own with the best. Any banquet setup can be a memorable one. And How To , will show you many ways to have a beautiful banquet.