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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Keep a party fun and simple with warm one bowl dishes for holiday treats. Cook up a pot of Chipotle Chicken for a delicious great holiday dish; yummy. A pot of your favorite Chili meal can be stirred up from cans but it is fun to make this tasty dish from scratch. 

If you are a vegan leave out the meats all together and make a pot of Vegetarian Chili. Make whatever pleases your crowd; add a few chips or a little cheese and you have a nice meal to share with a lot of people. 

This is a fun meal for football games, movies or just sitting around the fire. It is amazing what you can do with a little Chili powder, tomatoes, and beans.

Chili dishes are a labor of love place onions peppers ground beef maybe turkey, garlic and any other taste you like and enjoy. Make this dish as hot as you like or make it mild, a pot of his stuff is always welcome on a cold day.

Planning Holiday Parties with Zest

Planning your holiday party is a matter of style the way you decorate your table is your signature, so make a conscious decision upon a buffet setting or a sit down dinner. Your holiday dinner planning can be as easy as you want it to be. 

Use paper plates and plastic forks or regular dishes and silverware for party needs.Your Christmas Party simple or elegant is going to be great. Plan your party the way you want, with as much flare as you desire.

When planning a celebration make sure to set extra silverware, and have lots of napkins available. If someone drops in you want to avoid making them feel like an inconvenience. 

Do not put all of the silverware out at once, if your are having a buffet. Keep some silverware in reserve and be sure to prepare extra trays of food. Refill tray as needed, and show care with watching beverage, and desert area of your buffet. If you use buffet style serving, set a separate table for your desserts.

If you do not have servers, use the buffet style of serving. Be sure to provide a place for dishes and trash. This will help you keep the serving line flowing. A wait staff is not very expensive to hire. If you hire help, your party will go much smoother, and you can direct things rather than worrying about the physical serving. 

Your local restaurant, or a reputable agency can recommend someone to help you serve during your event. Enjoy the holiday season.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Inflatables and Water Slides for Corporate Events

 Inflatable and Water Slides for a Corporate Event

Using inflatable and water slides for corporate events help the success of picnics, church events, community socials and school events. Summer time is a fun time to use water slides but inflatable’s last well into the fall, these wonderful tools help extend the festive life of any  fun event.

Water Inflatable

Water slides are fun for everyone. Kids enjoy these toys. They are lightweight, fun to play on and a great way to cool off on those hot summer days. Picnics with this kind of entertainment make it easier for adults to talk and when naptime rolls around everyone gets a good night’s sleep, due to a busy day of exercise. Kids love to get out but can get restless when there is not enough activity. Using inflatable and water slides for a corporate event keeps them busy and parents can get the mist spray tent for a nice cooling off.

Types of Inflatable

There is a long list of inflatable products, interactive, obstacle courses, inflatable mazes, moonwalks and water slides. Try an interactive inflatable, the Lagoon of Doom and have a hilarious time. Kids will squeal with glee as they try to stay balanced against a challenger. Which person will stay on the log as the foam device spins. Fall and the creatures on the Lagoon get you. This is a real test of agility and a lot of fun. This interactive inflatable gives hours of fun to the people at your corporate event. There is a long list, Medieval Jousting, Twister, Bungee Run, Velcro Wall Moonwalk or the Bungee Joust. These are all fun and waiting for your use in your corporate event.

The Circus train is one of the inflatable mazes kids love. This item, shaped like a train is great. Kids crawl and slide through, having fun as they go. Use moonwalks with themes. The standard birthday, Justice League or castle is fun as kids bounce around. Try the cow shaped or the Unicorn and kids will have plenty to talk about to their friends. Use these inflatable’s and your event will be on the to do list every time you throw a party.

Inflatable obstacle courses utilize a list of designs. Opponents move through this inflatable and race to the finish line down the slide but not before making it through the obstacle course. The Double trouble Course is a real bag of tricks as you watch people crawl over and under obstacles to make the win. Watching and participating in this race is nothing but fun. In this line of products, you have the Team Challenge, the Boulder Dash, and many more. With slides, try the Rainbow delightfully colored and fun. On a hot day, water walkers are exciting and inflatable paddleboats are a lot of fun. These additives to an outing make a corporate event exciting.

Inflatable and water slides are sold in 15’wet/dry double slides. They only use a regular water hose and kids between 5 and 15 can play on them safely. Dunk tanks are very popular. How many times have you gone to community fairs and saw the dunk tank make people laugh. Now you can have your own. It is fun and anyone in the group can get a turn at getting wet.  


Constructed of foam and quality coated vinyl these are sturdy devices. Reinforced through double stitching with the strongest threads, these devices include childproof safety measures. These products are tough. Watercrafts hold many designs in a variety of sizes.


Search out the cost of other event items and measure them against the cost of inflatable and water slides and you will find this a bargain. This is a very inexpensive way for everyone to have fun. The price is nominal for fun the fun your group will have. Listed in a range of prices, get an inflatable for every budget and activity. Products are stored and maintained to keep them clean and safe. Set up is by experienced staff trained in designing a layout that will make things easy for your guest to enjoy the product.

Party Rental Company stores understand events are planned throughout the year. Dinner and parking are arranged but planning things to keep kids occupied gets lost in everyone’s busy schedule. Inflatable and water slides can be used anywhere.  Place them in large backyards, parks and use them for general recreational activities. Kids love things that move and the material is safe. They bounce all over with no damage to themselves or furniture. The bouncer or water slide can be supervised making it easier to keep up with the whereabouts of your offspring.

Quality up to date rentals are available in the most store. Kids are very trendy so most stores keep the latest inflatable products on hand. The Party rental staff will aid you in setting up a theme for your function. Wow your group by choosing the latest fashions. With onsite experts, get what you need to make your corporate event a success. Inflatable products are conveniently delivered and set up by trained attendants in no time. Do not miss the joy of using party products; they are also dismantled for you. Party Rental stores onsite crew handles this. With a large inventory of products at stores, any sized event is within grasp

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mariachi Band for Your Next Party

When considering having a party consider a Mariachi Band. They are fun and the music is beautiful. Invite friends and family to unprecedented entertainment by Mariachis band. This trained group of musicians represents the very best in Spanish entertainment.  Feel the electricity that erupts when this group is playing on stage and the emotion that runs through the crowd when romantic ballads are played.  The vocals are beautifully sung by elegantly dressed performers of Mariachi band music.

Make any event festive with entertainment from these wonderfully artistic entertainers. This style of music is centuries old and it is as beautiful as it was when it first began. Listen to the sound and enjoy the passion of the Mariachi Magic. These experienced musicians are available for Birthday parties, Anniversaries or any event you want to make festive and entertaining. Enjoy great vocals and great music. Dance and clap to the experienced instrument playing of the Mariachi bands.