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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Healthy Holiday Snacks to Take with You

Finding healthy holiday snacks to take with you on the road are easy to carry when you are on a long road trip. A little planning and eating healthy is easy to do. The urge to buy sugary treats, chips and easy to reach soft drinks can destroy a healthy diet, so a prearranged strategy for meals is a good idea. Poor eating habits cause the body to feel sluggish. You will not feel as energetic and find yourself rushing to eat foods totally unhealthy, trying to replace that feeling of vigor.

Use a Cooler

Cut fruits and vegetables hold their nutritional value quite easily. Cut these items at home, place them in a plastic container and place them in a cooler. Fill it with ice and vegetables and fruits will keep for at least three days. Driving along the roadway at times can get a bit boring, causing some to eat whether they are hungry or not. Fortunately, fruits help keep those calories down. Grapes, apples, peaches, and melons are fruits easy to prepare and carry on the road.


A selection of vegetables encourages a good diet when on a road trip. Sliced tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and peppers offer a saucy addition to sandwiches and cheeses. Tomatoes make great sandwiches alone or with turkey and baked or grilled chicken. Packets of mustards and mayo can be found at most fast food restaurants or picked up at grocery stores, along with utensils.

Portable Juices

Practically every type of juice is sold in a portable container but can be stored in larger containers. Choose from cans, bottles or cartons. Tomato juices, pineapple, orange, apple and pomegranate are all juices that provide vitamin C and other nutrients for a healthy snack.

 Dried fruits

These are easy foods to pack and they require no refrigeration. Packs open and seal easily, presenting a way to stay clear of processed foods. Coconut is easily mixed with other fruits for a pleasant holiday snack while on the road. This type of food storage is recommended for survival packaging and travels especially well.


Cheese is a great way to snack and is a fun travel food, a great way to get calcium without the problem of cold storage. A cooler keeps cheese cool without the need for serious cold storage. Take along a favorite creamy cheese dip. Good consistency keeps the chance for spills down and you have a nice item to go along with cut vegetables.

Many foods good for a healthy diet are sold in stores precut. Taking care of the prep in a home kitchen is no longer necessary. Holiday travel foods are also ready in prefixed trays. Over the road, vehicles have become very sophisticated. Many are equipped with refrigerators, beds and television sets. Engines operate day and night and are well equipped for a plug in cooler or heat up container, increasing the variety of healthy holiday snacks to take with you on the road.

Dry Snacks:

Pretzels are easy to pack, homemade trail mixes, peanut and almonds. Any nut is healthy and easy to store. These are dry packaged foods and make great snack items. Nuts will store in a bag within easy reach for snacking.   

Precooked Foods:

Some foods work really well precooked, boiled eggs, turkey with cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on your favorite healthy bread. These foods will take a lack of refrigeration; leave spreads off until ready to eat.

Pack Water

This seems like an unnecessary thing to say but drinking water will help avoid grabbing the closest soda. Water will help organs stay healthy, flushing away toxins.

Shopping at a grocery store away from home is a pleasant way to experience the flavor of a community. If these neighborhoods are a part of your regular route, you might start to feel at home. Hotels that stock microwaves and mini fridges are great places to stop and eat healthy after shopping. Healthy holiday snacks to take with you are made even more convenient.

Eating what you like is great as long as it keeps you healthy. Fruits and vegetables are best at this task. Portable devices cool and heat food and it is possible to stop in parks and use grills. Portable cooking devices are very convenient but if you prefer to have foods that are ready with no prep on the road the above suggestions make eating on the go a successful event.