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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Holiday Party Preparation

There are so many reasons to have a Holiday party during the winter season,  football games, soccer, costume and Christmas parties, Birthdays and Anniversary parties. This is a reason to have your holiday planning skills ready. You can be as creative as you like with creative food and delicious recipes.

Decorating with a theme for your party always makes it more fun and festive. It gives you a direction to take your decorating and food preparation. The next thing you want to do is to start out with a budget for your holiday party. It is very easy to do the non-stop spending. Give yourself a price range for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any type of party.You don’t want everyone to enjoy your party but you. Agonizing over the cost of a party is not the goal.

Decide if you want to have your food catered or if you would rather prepare it yourself. If you should decided to go it alone there are a number of foods that can be prepped. This will make your work load a lot easier. Pizza is always an easy out for a simple get together but can become expensive for large scale parties. But if time is a problem, pre-made deli trays and Pizza is your best out.

A holiday party with trays of turkey or ham rolls, crackers , assorted cheeses, and, vegetable are all dishes that take very little time and effort and can be fun to make. Simply find you a several large trays and go to work on your holiday party preparation. Christmas and New Year celebrations are a little more formal so if you are not a wizard of a cook you probably want to use a Cater for large parties. When you are having a less formal gathering finger food works just fine.

Cold weather seems to make everything come closer together; maybe it is the same for people. Planning a holiday party or helping out a friend with their party, sounds like a great excuse to spend time with people you care about or simply a way to make new friends.

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