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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Keep a party fun and simple with warm one bowl dishes for holiday treats. Cook up a pot of Chipotle Chicken for a delicious great holiday dish; yummy. A pot of your favorite Chili meal can be stirred up from cans but it is fun to make this tasty dish from scratch. 

If you are a vegan leave out the meats all together and make a pot of Vegetarian Chili. Make whatever pleases your crowd; add a few chips or a little cheese and you have a nice meal to share with a lot of people. 

This is a fun meal for football games, movies or just sitting around the fire. It is amazing what you can do with a little Chili powder, tomatoes, and beans.

Chili dishes are a labor of love place onions peppers ground beef maybe turkey, garlic and any other taste you like and enjoy. Make this dish as hot as you like or make it mild, a pot of his stuff is always welcome on a cold day.

Planning Holiday Parties with Zest

Planning your holiday party is a matter of style the way you decorate your table is your signature, so make a conscious decision upon a buffet setting or a sit down dinner. Your holiday dinner planning can be as easy as you want it to be. 

Use paper plates and plastic forks or regular dishes and silverware for party needs.Your Christmas Party simple or elegant is going to be great. Plan your party the way you want, with as much flare as you desire.

When planning a celebration make sure to set extra silverware, and have lots of napkins available. If someone drops in you want to avoid making them feel like an inconvenience. 

Do not put all of the silverware out at once, if your are having a buffet. Keep some silverware in reserve and be sure to prepare extra trays of food. Refill tray as needed, and show care with watching beverage, and desert area of your buffet. If you use buffet style serving, set a separate table for your desserts.

If you do not have servers, use the buffet style of serving. Be sure to provide a place for dishes and trash. This will help you keep the serving line flowing. A wait staff is not very expensive to hire. If you hire help, your party will go much smoother, and you can direct things rather than worrying about the physical serving. 

Your local restaurant, or a reputable agency can recommend someone to help you serve during your event. Enjoy the holiday season.