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Friday, November 4, 2016

How to Snowplow Your Drive

Staying in a warm house while snow overtakes your drive is fine. That is if you never need to go anywhere. However, for most that is not an option. Trips to the grocery store, work and for some, trips for the kids clamoring to visit relatives and friends will demand you clear your drive.

A basic way is to take a wide shovel and start pushing the snow off the drive. Still, there is that ugly ice underneath just waiting for you or someone you love to take a tumble. For those preferring the method of least resistance, a dual snow blower is your best bet. A snow blowers auger sucks the snow and saves your back. The impeller throws the snow out. This is all done automatically with gas or electric blowers. The terrain will be the decisive point when you are purchasing a snow blower. Gas engine propelled blowers have push power and move snow easier.

A snow blower should be a single stage for most home spaces. Small battery operated blowers are neat for porches. However, they are not super-efficient. A dual stage blower is great for driveways and walking spaces. The electric starter is nice and one with several speeds is great. When using electric snow blowers you will find they lack power wheels and if you are without power for a few days and it happens a lot in snowy weather you will shovel snow by hand.

Snow blowers save time and are designed to keep your drive clear. Blowers are sold in a range of sizes and for a number of terrains. Cleaning snow from your driveway is never fun but these are a few tips that will make the job a little less dreadful. Stop watching your neighbor clean his drive without effort and get a snow blower.

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